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Best spread betting demo account


Try our award winning spread betting platform for free. Develop your Spread betting trading skills.


          Practise risk free with £10,000 virtual funds

          Test your trading plan and strategies

          On the go with mobile app

The link will take you to to our trading partner IG to open your demo.

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What is spread betting ?

Spread betting is tax efficient way of trading in financial instruments such as shares, indices, forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies. You take a position based on whether you think a market will rise or fall. If the position moves in your chosen direction you will make a profit. If it moves in the opposite direction you will make a loss.

Spread betting is leveraged. This means when you make a trade you are only required to pay a small deposit and not the total value of the trade. This means both your profits and losses will be magnified

What is a spread betting demo account ?

A demo account is a version of the real platform that allows you to trade products and get familiar with the functionality of using a real platform, but without taking any risk. All funds made or lost are virtual.

Why use a spread betting demo account ?

New traders can benefit from simulated trading and get a realistic experience of what it would be like to trade real funds on a live platform, before they decide to risk any real funds. You can use the demo for as long as you require, this will ensure that if you decide to open a live account you will be familiar with the system and the process for online trading.


Spread betting demo accounts are also useful for experienced traders that want try out new trading strategies in a risk free environment.


The Spread betting account allows you to Spread bets with access to over 17,000 markets to practice on, including shares, indices, FX, and commodities.


Guardian Stockbrokers reviews

Best Spread betting demo account

Paul Daniel


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I could not more highly recommend Guardian Stockbrokers, everyone has been brilliant. The attentiveness, training and technical detail provided, has enabled a fast track learning and an ability to manage the portfolio in a way that would far exceed my own capabilities. It is almost as though they own the positions themselves; via their due-diligence and proactive manner of continuous monitoring. Above and Beyond.

Darren Lewis


Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Professional and proactive I’m really happy that they were recommended to me.
I would recommend Guardian Stockbrokers.

Tabrez Ahmad


I've known Guardian Stockbrokers since their inception.

When dealing with trading, you want to work with people that are professional, personable and trustworthy.

Guardian Stockbrokers are all of the above.

I'd recommend them any day!

Choose Guardian Stockbrokers to be your partner in trading

Dedicated relationship manager

Easy-to-use platforms

Huge range of markets

Multi Award Winning

Premium services

​Trusted and regulated


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