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Trade on price and volatility with online options.

With a wide range of options available.

Options trading

Call  020 7638 6996  or email  to discuss opening a trading account.

Why trade options with Guardian ?

Wide range of options

 Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly options available on a wide range of markets, including indices and FX.

No spread on expiry

No closing spread on fixed expiry date whether buying or selling.

Trade on volatility

Trade on rising falling and static markets globally.

Ways to trade options with Guardian

What are options ?

Options are contracts which give you the right but not the obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset at an agreed price before a certain expiry date.


There are  two types of options.


Call option

(Call) where you believe the price will rise.   

Put option

(Put) where you believe the price will fall.

Benefits of trading options

Daily options

Lower spreads

Daily options with reduced spreads-the same as spot markets.

Limited risk

Limit your risk when you buy daily options - you will never lose more than your initial margin.


Chose your leverage with your strike and trade price.

Weekly, monthly and quarterly options

No overnight funding

Long term positions have no overnight funding.

More opportunity

Wide range of markets - you can even trade on flat markets.

Limit your risk  

Your maximum risk is the payment you made to open the position.


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Choose Guardian Stockbrokers to be your partner in trading

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Huge range of markets

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