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We need to asses your eligibility for professional status

Benefits of being a professional client.

Cash rebates

If you trade large volumes you can receive a rebate on your charges back to you each month. 

Lower margin rates

Trade on 17,000 markets.

  • Major Indices – 5%

  • Major FX – 3.3%

  • Shares – 20%

  • Cryptocurrencies – 50%

Collateral facility

Use upto 95% of your share portfolio as margin.

Access to additional products  Ability to trade restricted  products.

​But you will waive some FCA protections as a professional client.

  • Negative balance protection: As a professional client you will have an obligation to make additional payments should your account fall into a negative balance.

  • Restrictions on CFDs, spread bets and binaries: The regulator has imposed leverage restrictions and other measures such as standardised risk warnings as a way of protecting retail clients. If you choose to be a professional client we will not be obliged to restrict your account in this way, so these protections would not apply to you.

  • Communication: When talking to our retail clients we need to use clear language, and be very balanced when talking about the risks and benefits of leveraged trading. We can use more sophisticated language when talking to our professional clients.

  • Experience: We may assume your level of experience when assessing whether our products are appropriate for you.

  • Best execution: When executing your orders, we owe you a duty of best execution. For retail clients we must prioritise overall price and cost of a transaction when giving best execution. As a professional client, we may prioritise other factors in giving best execution, such as speed and likelihood of execution if we determine they are equally or more important than overall price. In practice, we do not change the way we execute your orders.

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